Health Information


Our Receptionists are trained by our GPs to ensure that patients are offered information about treatment and / or self care where it is not necessary for them to see a GP / ANP etc. This could be treating a minor ear ache with over the counter medicine or advising you not to bring children to the GP if they have chicken pox.

Patients are asked to remember that the team is doing this to ensure our appointments are offered to those who need them and they are doing so under the supervision of our GPs.

The following booklet has been produced to help parents treat their children and know when to see the GP / ANP. We recommend parents refer to this when their child is ill to help determine the best course of treatment. Remember, you know your child best and if you think your child is very ill you should present to urgent care or A&E where you think this may be needed.

We also have a Paediatric ANP who specialises in children aged 15 and under. She can treat, diagnosis and prescribe and also see children for non-urgent complaints such as asthma reviews / rashes etc. Ask our Reception team for more information.